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    WashPet Bag

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    The cat bathing experience doesn't have to bloody and incredibly messy for you nor your cat. There are cats that are OK with the bathing and general grooming, but for the rest of the population, this can be a stressful and a "pet fight" situation.

    This Cat Shower Bathing Bag will let your cat calm down while helps you restrain him/her to perform any grooming activity such as bathing, cutting nails, picking ears, cleaning teeth, put medications, among others.

    • Special Mesh Design: This material will help your cat feel comfortable but will let water in and out when bathing.
    • Design: The pull string design makes the bag easy to control the cat and keep it calm
    • Reduce Owner Injuries: This cat bath bag could prevent the cat hurt the owner in the process of bathing, grooming, or medication administration.
    • Easy for Use: Cat groom bag wide opening, easy for cats to go in and out. Front zipper allow cleaning of front paws and nails.


    Put the cat's head on the "neck" area and pull the rest of the bag to cover the entire body. You can leave the tail outside. Then pull the ropes and buckles to tighten the bag to your cat's body. Depending on your cat, you can do an extra tie on the ropes to make sure the cat won't get out of the bag that easy.

    The cat might keep moving while bathing or grooming and the strips might become loose. You should always leave the tail outside.

    If you are trimming/cutting nails, you can remove from the bag the paw that would like to work on using the front zipper and the opening on the back.

    WashPet Bag



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