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    Water Pump Dispenser Gallon

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    Description :

    Wireless Automatic Electric USB Water Pump Dispenser Gallon Drinking Water Bottle Switch

    - Insert directly into the bucket to use
    - Powerful motor, low-decibel motor, large water output
    - ABS environmentally friendly material, food grade hose, 304 stainless steel outlet pipe
    - One-button effluent, one-handed operation
    - Outlet pipe 42° up design
    - Lightweight, compact, easy to operate and energy efficient.
    - Portable equipment for indoor and outdoor use, such as camping, picnics, activities, etc.

    Specification :

    Working Voltage 3.7V
    Power Interface Android USB Port
    Power 5W
    Water Pipe Stainless Steel Pipe + Silicone Hose
    Battery Lithium Battery
    Height 13cm
    Diameter 3cm
    Weight 253g
    Model X8
    Charging  USB Charging

    Instructions :

    - Power on :
    Press the key to work, then press the key to stop working.
    - Charging :
    1) The charging capacity is 5V, and after charging, about 3 barrels of 18L bottled water can be pumped;
    2) There is charging low-voltage explosion-proof protection, please feel free to use;
    3) When the current is lower than 3.2A, the product will automatically flash red light to remind you to charge in time and stop working automatically.
    4) When fully charged, the green light is on, indicating that the battery is fully charged.
    - Usage :
    1) Before use, insert one end of the suction pipe into the suction port below the fuselage, and insert the other end into the bucket;
    2) Flashing blue light when charging, after the full light is off.

    Package Includes :

    1 x Water Dispenser
    1 x Silicone Hose
    1 x Stainless Steel Pipe
    1 x USB Cable

    Water Pump Dispenser Gallon



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